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4 of 5 Kick-Ass Stars –  Taken 3, starring Liam Neeson.

I liked this movie. It was the best of the Taken films, that’s for sure. I think it’s because this movie is all about Liam’s character Bryan. It’s not about his stupid daughter, or his overly-hot ex-wife. That’s what drove me nuts about the other Taken movies. Fuck those bitches. Nobody gives a shit about those stupid whores.

This movie is about Bryan running from the law. Because someone killed his ex-wife, and the police caught him standing there, with blood on his hands. He was innocent, dammit! He was just trying to check her pulse, to see if she was okay. Just to prove how completely innocent he is, he busted out his kung-fu moves, escaped the bumblehead cops, and jumped out the window.

Sure, that’ll show ’em. They’ll definitely believe your innocence now. NOT! Come on, man. I mean, are you trying to make yourself guilty? Because, that’s what you’re doing. Fucking idiot.

So Bryan goes on a rampage, trying to clear his name, and killing shit-tons of bad guys in the process. Because that’s what bad-ass Liam does in these films. He even used the tag-line “Good luck.” But this time, he used it on a cop, instead of some slick bad guy.

It was a solid, decent movie. Well worth watching. It almost made me hope for a Taken 4, where nobody is taken, and Liam plays retired Bryan, trying to solve a murder at his nursing home.

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