I really fucking hate bad movies. I mean, it pisses me off so much when I watch a movie trailer, and it just looks so goddamn badass. I just have to see that movie, right? So I go to see it, and it’s nothing like the fucking trailer. Case in point: Godzilla. The preview for that movie was absolutely awesome. Anyone who saw that preview just had to see that fucking movie. Myself included. But that movie sucked donkey balls. It was 90 minutes of total horseshit, ending in 30 minutes of monster fighting. And only about 7 of those minutes had actual Godzilla in it. Fucking bullshit, right?

So, I’m going to rip these movies to shreds, on this blog. Like they fucking deserve. Because movies don’t have to be that bad. They shouldn’t be that bad. With a $200 million dollar fucking budget, there’s no way you should be allowed to make a bad movie. Yet it still fucking happens. So, fuck those cocksucking directors in their stupid dirty assholes.



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