Posted: February 12, 2015 in Action & Adventure

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Warning: This very violent film is for those with a strong stomach and an ability to see awful scenes as cartoonish.

If you’re okay with that, “Kingsman” is a hoot. Funny, fast-paced and full of love for spy movies, “Kingsman” is based on a graphic novel by the same author as “Kick-Ass”, Mark Millar.

Matthew Vaughn directs this homage to James Bond and the movie is at its best when Colin Firth and Taron Egerton are together.

The plot? An independent spy group is recruiting. Members of this group care about good clothes and world peace. A sinister bad guy (Samuel L Jackson) plots world domination with his sidekick Gazelle (Sofia Boutella).

Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Mark Hamill are all part of a cast and crew who act like they had a great time making this.

Is there a little too much that is sly, murderous and full of…

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    Thank you so much for the reblog! That’s delightful and much appreciated. I am following you.

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